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The Masked Singer judges can stop guessing Jamie Foxx now, please

Robopine on The Masked Singer
Robopine on The Masked Singer
Photo: Michael Becker/Fox

The Masked Singer judges love to guess that Jamie Foxx is competing on their show. They’ve guessed the actor so many times that they now have a swear jar of sorts, known as the jar of shame, where they have to deposit $50 any time one of them guesses Foxx, Bjork, Johnny Knoxville, or Lindsay Lohan. But Masked Singer judges Jenny McCarthy, Robin Thicke, Nicole Scherzinger, and Ken Jeong are not poor people. They still guess these names all the time—particularly Jamie Foxx.


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In fact, on tonight’s episode of the Fox reality singing competition, some of the judges doubled down on guessing that Robopine is Jamie Foxx. When the prickly porcupine-robot hybrid was marked for unmasking at the end of the night, Masked Singer host Nick Cannon reminded the judges of their “First Impression” guesses that they made in secret after Robopine’s first performance of the season and allowed them to make one final guess before the unmasking. Here are the First Impression and final guesses, including guest judge Chrissy Metz’s thoughts:

Nicole Scherzinger: Jamie Foxx / Tyrese
Jenny McCarthy: Jamie Foxx / Jamie Foxx
Ken Jeong: Jamie Foxx / Wesley Snipes
Robin Thicke: Genuine / Terrance Howard
Chrissy Metz: Tyrese

Doubling down on her First Impression guess, McCarthy was out of cash and resorted to putting her jewelry into the Jar of Shame. But it wasn’t a good bet. Ultimately Robopine was revealed to be Tyrese, which should have been pretty evident after this week’s clue package that all but screamed “I’m in the Fast and Furious movies!!!!!”

But the judges can be forgiven for taking a while to get to Tyrese, given that Robopine had been walking around the stage like an old man and claiming to be a senior citizen. “I think you played the game better than just about anybody on this show,” Jeong told Tyrese. Scherzinger had a different comment after seeing the actor unmask: “Don’t you just wanna lick his face?” That doesn’t seem COVID compliant.

“You know, when you have two daughters you look for those moments to sit in front of the TV and do something fun with the family,” Tyrese said when asked why he wanted to do the show. “So here I am with a Robopine outfit on.”

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