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The most exciting channel in Twitch's new "hot tub" section is a bunch of literal otters in a pool

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Two rescued otters rest, dreaming of their new careers as League Of Legends streamers.
Two rescued otters rest, dreaming of their new careers as League Of Legends streamers.
Screenshot: Marine Mammal Rescue

Last week, in an attempt to quell the fury of nerds angry that women in bikinis have been streaming themselves being women in bikinis on Twitch, the company announced a special new section of its site called, in very plain terms, “Pools, Hut Tubs, And Beaches.” Within days of its creation, this category has fostered a new star channel in the live streaming world—an all-hours, all-nude pool party with the otters of Vancouver’s Marine Mammal Rescue Centre.

The channel streams a few different views of a pool where a group of rescued otters hang out doing otter things. At the time of writing, 3,193 people are watching them flip out while they anticipate getting fed, though this is pretty high activity compared to long stretches of time where they just float around, napping while floating on their backs or chewing on rubber toys.


A video from Marine Mammal Rescue Centre’s YouTube channel shows two of the otters, Hardy and Katmai, chilling out, and gives a good idea of what kind of stuff to expect from the stream.

As wholesome as this channel may be, the people who run the Marine Mammal Rescue stream know how to get attention. The video description provides information on the Rescue Centre’s work rehabilitating marine mammals, but it also advertises itself to viewers with an emoji-strewn tagline reading: “Chill with Rescued Sea Otters. THICCEST FUR HOTTEST #1 Cold Tub Stream :P”


How any human can hope to compete with a bunch of ridiculous water rats whose very existence is so entertaining is anyone’s guess. Clearly, the otters are stars. As for what’s next for them now that they’re becoming perhaps the world’s first otter influencers, we suggest the little guys leverage their internet success into starring roles on TV shows. There’s at least one production out there that might be hiring.

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