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The Onion gets into serious crime podcasts with A Very Fatal Murder

(Photo: Getty Images, Mark Brake)

These days, the only thing that people love more than podcasts and murder is podcasts about murder, so the comedy visionaries at The Onion have decided to jump on that train with a murder podcast of their very own. Titled A Very Fatal Murder, the seven-episode miniseries is a serious documentary about (according to its iTunes description) the mysterious death of a teenager in Bluff Springs, Nebraska, and the “very inquisitive and Pulitzer-hungry podcast host” who just might be able to figure out exactly what happened to her. The full series is available now from your podcast client of choice, and you can hear the first episode below:

Also, full disclosure, The Onion is a close and personal friend of The A.V. Club, even though it’s the reason we’ve spent the last few decades or so explaining to family members that they do joke news and we do real news. You can read more about A Very Fatal Murder over at The Onion.


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