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The plot and Johnny Depp's accent thicken in new Murder On The Orient Express trailer

Agatha Christie’s Murder On The Orient Express is one of the most famous murder mysteries, so promotion for the latest film adaptation of the novel began with reintroducing the strangers on a train. As we see in this second preview, Hercule Poirot (Kenneth Branagh, who is rocking that scalloped ’stache) is tasked with determining who among them killed a fellow passenger. Was it his widow (Michelle Pfeiffer), the professor (Willem Dafoe), the missionary (Penelope Cruz), the assistant (Josh Gad), or maybe the governess (Daisy Ridley)? Or maybe it’s whoever Johnny Depp has concocted some sneering, indeterminate accent to play. Well, Depp’s character is named Ratchett, so if you recall the book, you know where this is going. But as suspicion grows in the luxury train cars cutting through some mountain passage, the game is clearly afoot (okay, so that’s another property, but you get our point).


Branagh’s mustachioed face also went behind the camera for Murder On The Orient Express, which was written by American GodsMichael Green. You can buy your ticket to ride on November 10.

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