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The quest for the final Guardians Of The Galaxy easter egg continues

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn gave no shortage of Marvel fans an urgent sense of purpose when he confirmed a heretofore-undiscovered easter egg in the 2014 original. Exploratory theories and videos abound, and though Gunn lauded YouTuber MasterTainment for finding bits of the egg, he still says the dude is wrong. Well, a new theory has arrived, captivating not just hunters of the aforementioned egg, but anyone who’s anxiously awaiting one classic Marvel character to finally enter the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


The above video from YouTuber Second Son centers, as does pretty much all of the film’s speculation, on the lair of Benicio Del Toro’s The Collector. There, the video focuses on the following:

  • A screaming face it posits as the Sentience of the Universe, a.k.a. an abstract entity that’s said to represent the breadth of a now-collapsed universe.
  • A planet that could be Taa, the homeworld of Galan, the sole survivor of the sixth incarnation of the Multiverse.
  • The Celestial’s staff, which is shaped a lot like a particular character’s head.

That character? Galactus, who, in Marvel lore, was born after Galan merged with the Sentience of the Universe. A devourer of worlds, the character is a demi-god that, across five decades, has served as both antagonist and protagonist for myriad Marvel characters. Could the imminent arrival of Galactus be the easter egg Gunn was talking about?

Haha, no.

Gunn acknowledged as much on Twitter. “Getting lots of messages about Galactus in the Collector scenes. No, he’s not there in any way.”

Sorry, Second Sun.

Gunn did, however, retweet a fan touting Mastertainment’s findings, so it might be helpful to revisit his many, many videos on the topic. Just remember, as you’re heading back to the drawing board, that, contrary to previous reports, Gunn will not be paying you $100,000 for your findings.


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