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The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Ben Stiller’s first directorial effort since 2008's Tropic Thunder is an adaptation of James Thurber’s classic short story “The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty,” about a LIFE Magazine proofreader with a spectacularly active imagination. The mostly dialogue-free first trailer features many of Mitty’s flights of fancy as a mountaineer and an astronaut—with some help from Of Monsters And Men’s anthemic “Dirty Paws” to pump up the drama. There are also a few glimpses of Kristen Wiig as the object of Mitty's affections, Sean Penn as a LIFE photographer, and Adam Scott’s return to playing a stuck-up office villain like in Step Brothers. Stiller’s directorial career also includes Reality Bites, The Cable Guy, and Zoolander, but this is the first time he’s added such a soaring dramatic feel to his own film. At the very least, this looks to be a marked departure from Stiller’s lighthearted comedy fare like the Night At The Museum or Fockers series.


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