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The spit take GIF woman would like you to know she's not Jennifer Lawrence (and some money, please)

Former Big Brother cast member Elissa Slater talks about being the star of a meme GIF

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
Taking a sip of viral fame.
Taking a sip of viral fame.
Screenshot: bb15house

For years now, a GIF of a woman drinking from a mug and almost immediately sputtering out a very wet, poorly contained laugh has been a staple of the internet. And, though she’s stayed quiet about her central role in this meme for a long time, that woman has decided that now’s as good a time as any for people to know who she is.

Mel Magazine talked to GIF-celebrity Elissa Slater, learning that she’s 35, works as a nutritionist in North Carolina, is “[pursing] a career in orthopedic nursing,” and that the famous clip comes from her time as one of the cast members of Big Brother’s fifteenth season back in 2013. (The article also contains a clip from the episode the GIF pulls from, in case you’d like to experience the surreal feeling of seeing it in its proper context.) She was also drinking Sprite, it turns out.


Slater isn’t too fussed about the GIF—she says she’s become used to seeing it all the time once it began to spread more widely “roughly four years ago” and that it’s just one on-camera example of her “[tendency] to react to anything absurd, serious, funny, tense, or weird by giggling.”

“I love the GIF myself,” Slater says. “I like that people use it all the time and think it’s fun that it’s gone super viral.”


Her only issues with it are that people keep thinking it’s Jennifer Lawrence and that companies make lots of money off of it while she isn’t paid at all. Slater says she’s glad there are “people who will tag me” to correct the Lawrence misattribution, but she’s annoyed that her viral moment “benefits Giphy and Twitter and all those platforms, yet I don’t make any money from it.”

“I just feel like I should get paid or something for that, right?” she asks,

Read the rest of the interview over at Mel Magazine.

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