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Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.

The trailer for the final season of Netflix's Love is still moving a little fast for everybody

Netflix’s Love is wrapping up after one more season, so for anyone who missed the wacky and occasionally frustrating adventures of Mickey and Gus, this trailer includes a handy refresher of what those crazy kids have been through. Basically, Gillian Jacobs’ Mickey is a sex addict who is trying to improve herself, Paul Rust’s Gus is a “nice guy” who is also sometimes a self-centered whiner, Mike Mitchell from the Doughboys podcast means well but he’s also sometimes a jerk, and Claudio O’Doherty is just great in general. Going off of this trailer, it seems like the four of them will continue to realize those things about themselves and try to make good choices based on those realizations, but it’s probably not all going to work out super well. Still, at least Mickey and Gus seem to be getting along, which is always nice even when it’s not especially healthy for them.


To sum all of that up: Love is a weird show. It’ll be back on Netflix for its final season on March 9.

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