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The Walking Dead

Though the Comic-Con panel for The Walking Dead was careful not to reveal any spoilers—which is kind of adorable, considering it's based on a popular comic-book series—this four-minute trailer for the series' third season pretty much did all the spoiling for them. So, spoiler: Those people who do not like each other very much but need to stick together to survive will continue to do both of those things while talking endlessly about it, and then sometimes they kill some zombies. This season will also likely feature plenty of that same sort of tense discussion about what really constitutes a prison—the actual one that Rick seems determined to make their new home after losing Spinning Wheels Farm, the implicit one that is Woodbury, the Governor-controlled idyllic small town where Andrea and terse new badass Michonne find themselves trapped as "guests," or the metaphorical one that is the world now. Also, Merle is back and Carl and Laurie still haven't died. End spoiler.


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