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The Weinstein name will be scrubbed from Wind River, Leap!, and Tulip Fever

(Photo: The Weinstein Company)

According to The Hollywood Reporter, The Weinstein Company will be removing Harvey Weinstein’s name and its own logo from the upcoming home video releases of Wind River, Leap!, and Tulip Fever. This is “highly unusual,” as the story notes, and it’s being done to “allay the concerns of filmmakers” who don’t want their work “tainted” by Harvey Weinstein and the many allegations of sexual assault and harassment he’s facing. New masters of these films are supposedly being made specifically for home releases.

The Hollywood Reporter story also says that the Weinstein Company logo might be removed from older movies as well, but “no decision will be made until the company’s future is decided.” That means the company isn’t going to bother altering its old movies until current executives David Glasser and Bob Weinstein (Harvey’s brother) know if it’s being bought out or if it’s getting a name change. No matter what happens, it seems like the days of The Weinstein Company—or at least its name and logo—are numbered.


The Hollywood Reporter notes that The Weinstein Company’s next film is The Current War with Benedict Cumberbatch and Michael Shannon, which is supposed to come out on November 24 but is “certain to be pushed back.”

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