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As American citizens, it’s always reassuring to hear your government sound really confident about something. The economy is improving! Nuclear war probably won’t happen. The dozen or more women accusing the president of groping or otherwise harassing them are all liars. You know: Straightforward, soothing stuff.

That last point was the official White House position put forward by press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders today, when she was point-blank asked by CBS News’ Jacqueline Alemany about the harassment allegations that have hounded—but somehow in no way impeded—her boss, Donald Trump, over the last few years. “Obviously, sexual harassment has been in the news,” Alemany began, per The Washington Post. “At least 16 women accused the president of sexually harassing them throughout the course of the campaign. Last week, during a press conference in the Rose Garden, the president called these accusations ‘fake news.’ Is the official White House position that all of these women are lying?”



“Yeah, we’ve been clear on that from the beginning, and the president’s spoken on it,” Sanders said, before quickly changing the subject. And, indeed he has: When asked about the multiple accusations against him last week, in light of Hollywood’s ongoing Harvey Weinstein scandal, Trump waxed his usual eloquence, saying, “All I can say is it’s totally fake news. It’s just fake. It’s fake. It’s made-up stuff, and it’s disgraceful, what happens, but that happens in the—that happens in the world of politics.”

Of course, most of the accusations against Trump predate the time when he and “the world of politics” had so brutally intersected; according to the Post, 11 women—including former Apprentice contestant Summer Zervos, who’s suing Trump for harassment after an incident in which he allegedly forcibly kissed her and grabbed her breast—came forward during the campaign to accuse Trump of past incidents of “unwanted touching or kissing.” (As per his Access Hollywood “locker room talk” playbook.) Even more accused him of walking into their dressing rooms during the many beauty pageants he used to produce.

Anyway, all of those women are liars, according to the official position of the White House, the seat of executive power intended to protect the American people from the abuses and attacks of those who would wish to discredit, control, or otherwise do them harm. Liars, every single one.


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