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Things get bloody in the latest clip from Wes Anderson's Isle Of Dogs

There’s a running theme of bad things happening to dogs in the films of Wes Anderson—whether they’re getting killed by a strung-out Owen Wilson, drugged with blueberries, or shot with an arrow—but the violence is rarely dog-on-dog. Hence a slightly shocking moment of violence in the latest clip from the director’s upcoming stop-motion animated feature, Isle Of Dogs: Not only is it lurid in its depiction of an ear getting ripped off, but it comes right after Edward Norton’s canine compromiser tries to broker peace with an enemy pack.

As reported by Variety, the film—about a young boy traveling to the titular island to retrieve his exiled pooch—is gearing up for a festival run before its premiere on March 23. It’ll open this month’s Berlin Film Festival, and then, in March, serve as the big closer for 2018's SXSW Film.


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