Screenshot: I Like “The Office” (YouTube)

Online dating is awful, a maelstrom of bland twentysomethings ratting off the same litany of interests, which always, always includes The Office. Don’t know what kind of person we’re talking about? Check out this new sketch from LA-based filmmakers Jon Foor and Luke Strickler.

“I’m a Disney guy, I love the Beatles, and high school was okay for me,” Strickler’s grinning jackass says, echoing too many first date conversations you’ve overheard in a crowded bar. So cringeworthy (and on point) is the depiction that even Tinder itself is urging its followers not to “be this guy.”


Endure the bro’s endless cries of “doggo” and you’ll see him confronted by his worst enemy: Women with specific interests. Will he survive? Of course he will, but not before yanking out his pitch-black heart. He’s Teflon. He’s indestructible. He’s basic.


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