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This Batman/Superman #3 exclusive infects the Man of Steel with Joker's toxin

Illustration for article titled This emBatman/Superman /em#3em /emexclusive infects the Man of Steel with Jokers toxin

Batman and Joker are two of the most popular characters in superhero comics, so it’s no surprise that DC would find a lot of success by combining the archnemeses into a single character: The Batman Who Laughs. This character has emerged as one of the big bads of the DC Universe over the last two years, and he continues to spread his poisonous tendrils in the page of Batman/Superman, following the two heroes as they uncover which of their comrades have been infected by The Batman Who Laugh’s toxin. Written by Joshua Williamson with art by David Marquez, colorist Alejandro Sanchez, and letterer John J. Hill, Batman/Superman has a blockbuster scope fitting for two superhero icons. A former Marvel exclusive, Marquez is a phenomenal fit for the DC sandbox, and Williamson writes an action-packed thriller that gives Marquez the opportunity to show the range of his talent as he jumps from atmospheric horror to bold, dynamic action sequences.


In order to uncover The Batman Who Laughs’ master plan, Superman has infected himself with Joker toxin and broken the villain out of his prison underneath The Hall of Justice. This exclusive preview of this week’s Batman/Superman #3 highlights the mixture of strength and menace that comes from a Joker-ized Man of Steel, offering a twisted take on the World’s Finest pairing. Sanchez’s colors match the fine detail of Marquez’s linework, and he uses different palettes to reinforce power dynamics. Batman is associated with the crisp blue that dominates the first page, Superman with the searing red of the title spread, and The Batman Who Laughs with the lifeless gray of the last two pages. These artists do beautiful work together, and as this story expands, they gain new opportunities to explore the larger DC Universe.

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