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This bleating air horn version of “Amazing Grace” has reverence on lock

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The air horn has become a ubiquitous sound of the past decade or so, blurting and blasting out of countless rap, dance, and club cuts. But what about traditional church hymns? Why not throw one in there? Or more, even?

Soundcloud user Jon E. Hanford has done God’s holy work and applied air horn’s bleating brusqueness to the entirety of the funeral classic, and the result is pretty stupendous. Somehow, Hanford has managed to make a version of “Amazing Grace” that’s got all the levity of a badly tuned piano and all the reverence of some poorly played bagpipes. The only downside is that, while “Airmazing Grace Horn” is pretty hilarious, it’s still falls short of being quite as funny as this.