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This Lady Gaga wax statue takes the “Monster” thing too literally

Tributes are hard, especially those that attempt to capture someone’s physicality rather than their aesthetic. A song-and-dance number inspired by your favorite silver-screen star tends to go over slightly better than graven images of a celebrity, lovingly crafted as they may be. We can’t fault folks for trying, but we are starting to wish that they stick to something more two-dimensional rather than offering up a new addition to a long line of statues that will haunt our dreams.

But regardless of our desires, a Lima, Peru museum commissioned a wax statue of pop star Lady Gaga, and that’s sort of what they got.


The sculptor obviously knows what Lady Gaga looks like—there’s a collage of photos right behind this unevenly buff wax figure in a meat dress that could very well be made from the skin of the night guard who ran afoul of the statue. Why that individual chose to deviate from Gaga’s (real name Stefani Germanotta) likeness is unclear—maybe they rewatched The Dark Crystal recently and couldn’t shake the image of the Gelflings?

Needless to say, Lady Gaga’s fans—also known as “Little Monsters,” though after the song and not this nightmarish sculpture—are pretty pissed, and have begun tweeting their displeasure.


Seriously, this never ends well.

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