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To Catch A Thief remake will be more "gadgety"

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Emboldened by its recent efforts to adapt The Man Who Knew Too Much for today’s teenagers who know everything, Paramount has reportedly begun moving forward on another Alfred Hitchcock remake—that of 1955’s To Catch A Thief, in which Grace Kelly falls for cat burglar Cary Grant, his charms outstripping the fact that he routinely burgles cats. The “idea” for updating the film has been kicking around since about 2004, presumably waiting for the right creative team to take a crack at it.


That creative team is, apparently, screenwriter Josh Stolberg of Piranha 3-D and Good Luck Chuck fame, Bobby Florsheim, Stolberg’s partner on the original Evan Almighty screenplay—and judging from his name, former leader of the 1930s 12th Street Knickerbocker Gang—and producer Neal Moritz, whose own lighthearted capers include The Bounty Hunter, all of the Fast And Furious and xXx movies, and Battle: Los Angeles. (Stolberg and Florsheim, incidentally also recently completed a script for Todd Phillips where Zach Galifianakis plays a male witch who has to go to teen witch school. It's called Man-Witch, and it is a real script—not, apparently, part of the recent #HollywoodPostItNote game on Twitter.)

According to Stolberg, their update will be “a little bit more modern and ‘gadgety’,” with the action taking place in the Greek island of Santorini—though Stolberg says it’s really “a travelogue of the most amazing places on Earth”—and it includes “a lot of heists and action sequences,” which certainly suggests that the romance so crucial to the first film will likely take a backseat here to elaborate, Ocean's 11-style break-ins and panorama porn. Because unfortunately, there is no gadget for making love—or at least, not one that will get past the censors. [via Moviehole]