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Legend Of Korra: The Complete Series, $30


Legend Of Korra was one of the best shows on TV during its time, let alone one of the best anime series, and you can own all four seasons on Blu-ray for just $30, courtesy of Amazon.

Disney princess Gold Box


If you have any Disney princess fans in your life, today’s a great day to stock up on birthday and holiday gifts: Amazon’s offering big discounts on Disney-branded apparel and accessories, spanning the timeline from Cinderella to Moana. This is a Gold Box deal, though, so make your selections before the clock strikes midnight.

Mpow portable battery case for Bluetooth headphones, $11 with code SDPHVWJX


The advent of inexpensive Bluetooth headphones has been a net positive, but there’s no getting around it: They’re a pain in the ass to charge.

Luckily, Mpow’s new headphone carrying case includes a built-in 800mAh battery and microUSB cable, so you can recharge your earbuds while simultaneously keeping them from getting lost or tangled in your bag. Yeah, you’ll still need to recharge the case, but this definitely makes Bluetooth earbuds a simpler option while traveling.

Sony MDR1000X noise-canceling Bluetooth headphones, $348


Sony’s MDR line of Bluetooth headphones sold like gangbusters during Deals Week, but if you were holding out for noise-canceling models, Amazon’s rewarding your patience today with a $50 discount on the top-of the line MDR100x.

These headphones have all the features you’d expect in a good pair of Bluetooth headphones these days: NFC pairing, 20+ hour battery life, and even LDAC Hi-Res audio compatibility. But the secret sauce here is noise cancellation, including a special mode that lets ambient voices through either at all times, or just when you cup a hand over the right ear cup. $348’s still a pretty penny, but it’s the largest discount Amazon’s ever listed on this model in its 6+ months of existence.

Kmashi Quick Charge 2.0 20,000mAh battery, $19 with code HP5DKI9O


$19 is a very good price for any 20,000mAh USB battery pack. But when you consider that this one includes Quick Charge 2.0 for your Android devices, it’s a no-brainer. You should be able to get four to five phone charges out of this thing, making it perfect for sharing during a long flight or camping trip.

4-pack pet seat belts, $7 with code N4OQGQAC


If you want to keep your furry friends in the backseat where they belong on your next road trip, these dog seat belts clip into most standard seat belt buckles on one end and a dog harness on the other.

A few things here: First, these aren’t designed to keep your dog safe in an accident, if that wasn’t obvious. They’re meant to keep her from jumping into the front seat to tell you she loves you while you’re merging onto the highway. Second, use a dog harness instead of a collar, just in case you get into a fender bender or have to come to a hard stop. Third, use promo code N4OQGQAC to get a 4-pack for $7.

Leeo Smart Alert smoke/carbon monoxide remote alarm, $30


Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms can keep you safe while you’re at home, but they’re totally useless if something goes haywire while you’re away. Leeo fixes that by alerting you on your phone whenever they go off, and you can get yours for just $30 today, or about $20 less than usual.

To be clear, Leeo isn’t a smoke or carbon monoxide alarm on its own; it’s basically an internet-connected microphone that listens for your existing alarms. It can also alert emergency services and/or neighbors if you’re away from your phone, and it even operates as a full RGB night light that you can control from your phone or via IFTTT. That’s a ton of features for the price.

Ecoastal dog clippers, $26


If you feel confident in your dog-styling abilities, this cordless clipper set costs less than a single trip to the groomer. If you’re feeling really ambitious, this would pair well with a DIY washing station as well.

Just Cause 3 for PS4, $20


Just Cause 3 isn’t without its flaws, but if the idea of a massive open world where you can fly jets, skydive in a wing suit, and blow up basically anything appeals to you, it’s definitely worth $20. Amazon has it on sale for PS4, but Xbox One owners will need to go to Toys “R” Us.

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