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Todd goes Hollywoo-ing in this BoJack Horseman exclusive

BoJack Horseman (Image: Netflix)

Todd Chavez has always been more than just a BoJack Horsemans hanger-on, thanks in part to Aaron Paul’s voice work, but season three revealed more about BoJack’s (Will Arnett) slacker roomie/moocher than we’d ever been privy to before. Not only did we learn the limits of his affability, but we also glimpsed his romantic side, which turned out to be as complicated as anything else in this show. And in this exclusive clip we’re premiering, it looks like Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s series will continue to explore what a hassle dating is, whether you’re famous or possibly asexual.

The gist of this tongue-twisting tête-à-tête between Todd and Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris) is that rising star Courtney Portnoy, whose claim to fame is courtly roles like the “formerly portly consort in The Seaport Resort,” needs to be seen around town with a down-to-earth schlub in order to get “four quadrant support.” Not only is Todd such a guy, but he likes getting his picture taken, so the paparazzi trap is set. All they need is a portmanteau name—we like “Codd” more than “Tourtney”—and this mouthful of a press release title: “Portnoy finds joy in hoi polloi boy toy.” Obviously, this won’t go off without a hitch, but we’ll see just how quickly they unravel with BoJack Horseman season four premieres on September 8. Netflix has more clips available here.


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