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Now almost 15 years after the release of The Room, Tommy Wiseau is something of a star, complete with a verified Twitter account and a Golden Globe-nominated biopic. The next logical step is, of course, for him to take on the world of video games, which his cultural host-body James Franco has been kind enough to make happen via this video with IGN.

Thrill as Franco performs the legendarily bad dialog of the original Resident Evil with Wiseau’s disjointed delivery, or as he intones “It’s me, Mario!” with the casual indifference of his “hi, doggy” reading. His hosts even steer Franco toward the “love on a battlefield” monologue from Metal Gear Solid, letting us imagine a world in which the characteristically overwrought voice-acting within video games is somehow rendered even worse via Wiseau’s alien cadences.


Game designers have previously attempted to recreate Wiseau’s film in game form, with charmingly mixed results, but this is the first time we’ve been spurred to imagine him actually creating a game, or at least acting in one. If you are interested in watching him play a game, meanwhile, here he is wandering around a Room-inspired escape-the-room experience for 20 minutes, which is about as bizarre as you’d expect.

We eagerly await the announcement of his new augmented reality headset.

Clayton Purdom is a writer and editor based in Columbus, Ohio.

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