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True Detective season 3 adds Stephen Dorff as Mahershala Ali's partner

(Photo: Getty Images for Tribeca Film Festival, Rob Kim)

It’s been a long time since HBO started moving forward with a third season of True Detective, getting Mahershala Ali to star and Green Room’s Jeremy Saulnier to direct, and now HBO is finally doing something again. According to Variety, HBO has enlisted Stephen Dorff to play Roland West, an Arkansas State Investigator who works alongside Ali’s character and who has been dealing with the impact of a “baffling crime” for three decades. That makes it sound like this new storyline will have some direct similarities to the show’s first season, which would be a little disappointing if that first season hadn’t been so good.

As for Dorff, he’s recently been appearing in Star and had a role in the awful Leatherface, but some people probably best remember him as the bad guy with the awesome name—Deacon Frost—in the original Blade.


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