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Trump apology-monster Kellyanne Conway floats some evil ideas past Anderson Cooper on Saturday Night Live

Saturday Night Live (Screenshot: NBC)

Kate McKinnon’s portrayal of Donald Trump spokesperson, camera-hog, and shameless truth denier Kellyanne Conway on Saturday Night Live has envisioned Conway’s seemingly bottomless thirst for camera time as that of a creature of evil before. But her work as the glassy-eyed fact foe on last night’s Kumail Nanjiani-hosted SNL took the metaphorical evil of Conway’s propagandistic showboating to a new level of horror as Alex Moffat’s scornful Anderson Cooper is tempted toward a gurgling storm drain, where a clown white-slathered Conway attempts to lure Cooper into putting her back on CNN by promising ratings-grabbing Trump-fluffing whoppers. Like that Puerto Rico was so bad off that the recent hurricane actually blew some houses back together. “Are you hooked?,” she asks, taunting, “Put me on TV.”

The filmed piece, titled “Kellywise,” with SNL all-star McKinnon’s Conway eerily channeling the evil clown-monster from the recent It adaptation, is genuinely unsettling, mostly thanks to McKinnon’s crazy-eyed but seductive siren call suddenly transforming to teeth-gnashing horror in an instant. Thankfully, Moffat’s Cooper wakes up back at his anchor desk (after the monstrous Conway has chomped his arm clean off by enticing him within range with a copy of Hillary Clinton’s new book). Of course, this being a well-executed horror parody, it’s never good to get too secure in that “It was just a dream” state of relief—especially when a soulless servant of darkness just can’t wait to sink her duplicitous choppers into your limelight.


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