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Tyra's "Michelle Obama Smile" Actually Just A Bad Wig

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In the wide spectrum of accolades, being impersonated by Tyra Banks for a weird photo shoot in a fashion magazine falls somewhere in between an honorary degree from the University Of Phoenix (Online), and receiving a random empty compliment from a panhandling street person (i.e. "I like those pretty eyes. Spare some change? I'm just trying to get a Metrocard so I can get on the bus."). So, Michelle Obama will no doubt be honored to find out that, as part of her ongoing ambition to build a shield of pure ridiculousness around herself, Tyra Banks decided to play dress up as Michelle Obama in next month's Harper's Bazaar. What? Exactly.

This is embarrassing for everyone involved–Michelle Obama for providing the inspiration, Bazaar, Harvard, Fauxbama, the inventor of the sweatshirt, wood paneling, cameras, oxygen for sustaining the lives of everyone who had anything to do with this, wigmakers, etc.–but, oddly, it's not embarrassing for Tyra. Why? Well, it's hard to feel embarrassed when you see the world as one giant, endlessly flattering mirror, and life as just a series of your specialized eye-smiles reflected back at you. To wit:

Banks, who is infinitely more low-key in person, recalls, "I had a woman come up to me when I was seeing Rent once. She told me she was going to commit suicide until she saw that show. I held her hand and cried with her in the aisle. I get that kind of stuff; it doesn't stop."


See? That day Tyra was doing her patented Comfort The Suicidal Broadway Musical Goer smile. In the photo above, she's flashing her Jesus, I Hope This Is Convincing (Michelle Obama Edition) smile.

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