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U.S. Olympians are rocking some pretty cool practice suits based on Marvel superhero designs

DisneyXD’s Avengers Assemble (Photo: Marvel Studios/Getty Images)

If the Olympics are going to exist first and foremost as the planet’s most dedicated tribute to the irresistible power of marketing—and we’re pretty comfortable at this point acknowledging that they are—at least the stuff they market can be cool. For example: The suits currently being rocked by the United States Ski Team at this year’s Winter Games in PyeongChang, which are based off some of Disney’s Marvel properties, and are both a) pretty good commercials for the company’s upcoming movie plans, and b) awesome in their own right.


As noted by The Mary Sue, there are two styles of Marvel-based suits that have been spotted on the slopes during practice runs in recent weeks, both sported by members of the women’s ski team. One is based on the superhero flight suit of Carol “Captain Marvel” Danvers—out in theaters March, 2019—while the other is based on Captain America. (See him in Infinity War, out later this year!)

And okay, maybe we’re being a tad too cynical, because these are, indeed, very neat suits, designed in a partnership between Marvel and Spyder, the officially licensed company for U.S. Olympic winter gear. It’s like we’ve always said, true believers: if marketing’s going to be omnipresent in our lives, it might as well try to do it in a cool and nerdy way.

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