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As revelations of the culture that’s allowed sexual harassment to thrive in Hollywood continue to fill the news cycle, there’s undoubtedly some studio exec or screenwriter who’s framing a pitch for the inevitable film about the allegations that have been brought against Harvey Weinstein and more. That’s actually fine by us, because we shouldn’t ease up on our examination of the objectionable behavior and the sense of entitlement, especially not as we seem to be on the cusp of real change (still just cautiously optimistic over here). But the film industry isn’t the only one having a light cast over its toxic culture; according to Deadline, the office environment at Uber, a sporty blend of sexual harassment and silencing tactics, is getting the movie treatment first.

The film, titled Disruptors, is based on the story of former Uber engineer Susan J. Fowler, who exposed the ride-share company’s lax attitude toward higher-ups propositioning subordinates which she learned happened much more frequently than Uber claimed after she reported her own manager sending her inappropriate messages. Hidden Figures scribe Allison Schroeder is already signed on to adapt Fowler’s tale, which is also coming to us in book form soon. There’s currently no word on whether Disruptors will also weigh in on reports about the overbearing micromanaging style of ousted Uber CEO Travis Kalanick, but Deadline says the film is described as “a potential Erin Brockovich meets The Social Network.”


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