Given Morrissey’s recent comments on the sexual assault allegations against Kevin Spacey and Harvey Weinstein, it’s starting to feel like the lead singer of The Smiths has always been a vacuous trash receptacle. But now, thanks to the serendipitous forces of the universe, we can see what it would be like for a literal garbage can to take the reins as frontman of the Manchester rock quartet, and, honestly, it’s not half bad.

On Tuesday, Twitter user Ben Boyer was just minding his own business, driving down the freeway, enjoying some classic ‘80s tunes, when the seemingly sentient trash can appeared before him and started lip-synching along to “There Is A Light That Never Goes Out.” Granted, it’s a bit of an obvious choice for a Smiths cover, but you can’t question the garbage bin’s passion as its hinged top warbles around like a genuine crooner. Of course, not everyone is impressed by lip-synching, even when it’s performed by large plastic containers.

Still others realized that the garbage can’s talents could not be limited by genre, and that the video could be synched up to a “surprising number of songs.”


Regardless of which rendition of these songs you prefer, we can look forward to seeing this talented trash bin in it’s inevitable upcoming guest appearance on Carpool Karaoke.