There’s something weirdly enthralling about the prospect of a new Sacha Baron Cohen show in 2018. While the character actor’s transition out of Ali G and Borat and into major Hollywood roles has been a little shaky, those early works have only gotten better over the years, more trenchant and funny and (yes) quotable, and America has only gotten more deserving of the actor’s pitch-black brand of humor. It’s not totally clear who he’ll be going incognito as in the new Showtime series Who Is America?, but in the one released clip it’s clear that his ability to convince powerful people to do ridiculous shit remains intact. After a bunch of shots of butts and disguises and close-up subterfuge, torture enthusiast Dick Cheney happily smiles and autographs a “waterboard kit.” Apparently the project has been underway for at least a year, albeit extremely secretly, something Showtime’s other promo for the show leans into pretty aggressively.

Whatever it all is, it’s due to be released July 15—this Saturday.