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Weapon H faces off against the infernal Man-Thing in this exclusive preview

Illustration for article titled iWeapon H/i faces off against the infernal Man-Thing in this exclusive preview
Image: Marvel Comics

Combining the Hulk and Wolverine into a single character might seem like a low point for superhero ingenuity, but the Weapon H series has sold the idea by putting this new hero at the center of an over-the-top action thrill ride that only gets bigger with each new issue. Writer Greg Park, artist Cory Smith, and colorist Morry Hollowell have created one of the year’s best superhero action titles, delivering a nonstop barrage of fisticuffs that takes full advantage of the character’s devastating ability. The first two issues had Weapon H fighting a terrifying new interpretation of the Wendigo that grew to kaiju size when it feasted on the hero’s blood, and last month’s chapter featured a battle against wolves infected by the alien Brood, sky sharks, and an Acanti skywhale. This book is tons of fun, but it also has an emotional core thanks to the relationship between Clay and his wife, Sonia, who believes her husband is dead but can’t shake the feeling that he’s still out there somehow.

This exclusive preview of next week’s Weapon H #4 has Clay encountering his latest opponent, the infernal Man-Thing, who poses a unique threat in that can’t be killed and lights people on fire if they feel any fear. To raise the stakes even higher, Roxxon has enhanced Man-Thing with Groot’s DNA, a prime example of how Greg Pak takes established concepts and amps them up for maximum power. Smith and Hollowell capture all of that intensity on the page, and these pages showcase how well they create forceful, dramatic superhero imagery, starting with an imposing shot of evil Roxxon CEO Dario Agger transforming into his minotaur form. Inkers Terry Pallot and Roberto Poggi join the creative team with next week’s issue, allowing Smith to stay on schedule while continuing to deliver high-caliber work full of detail and dynamism. The fight between Weapon H and Man-Thing builds until it can’t be contained by panel borders, and Pak writes a story that takes full advantage of the art team’s bold action storytelling.

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