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Weekend Box Office: The Rise Of Skywalker surrenders to 1917

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Yeah, we know: There’s a way bigger film-related conversation to be had today. However, nothing can stop the weekend box office, and while the Academy may have spoken (in a largely inexplicable fashion), there are still a few films battling it out for the ultimate recognition—the almighty dollar.


Sam Mendes’ World War I epic 1917 is off to a favorable start, snagging the top spot from The Rise Of Skywalker in its opening week. We won’t begin to speculate as to whether or not its Golden Globes win served as a box office boost, but a domestic gross of $36.5 million (exceeding earlier projections, mind you) is nothing to sneeze at. TROS slipped to second with a fourth-week haul of $15.1 million, bringing the total domestic gross that much closer to half a billion dollars. On a global scale, it should hit the billion-dollar mark sometime this week, as it currently teeters at $989.6 million.

Paramount’s Like A Boss, the Rose Byrne and Tiffany Hadish-led comedy about slighted best friends/business partners, officially opened for business, but didn’t draw quite a big crowd, landing in fourth place behind Jumanji: The Next Level ($14 million). With only $10 million, it tied with Just Mercy, which expanded in its third week with 2,371 additional theaters. As our own Katie Rife said in her review of Like A Boss: “The entertaining bits are overwhelmingly physical ones... It’s a nice idea, as is acknowledging the validity of non-romantic relationships in mainstream Hollywood filmmaking. But if you’re looking for something truly groundbreaking—or hilarious—Like A Boss isn’t it.”

This weekend should be fairly remarkable for those who really dig nostalgia: Bad Boys For Live and Dr. Doolite enter theaters this Friday. Or you can skip both and find a Frozen II Sing-A-Long showing near you and test your melodious chops against today’s youth. The option, they are plentiful!

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