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Wonder Woman co-writer Jason Fuchs jumps on board Robotech

(Photo: Getty Images for Motion Picture And Television Fund, John Sciulli)

Earlier this summer, It director Andy Muschietti became attached to the long-in-the-works Robotech movie, an adaptation of the popular anime show from the ‘80s, but recommended remaining cautiously optimistic about the project until production had actually begun. After all, a number of other people have tried to make this Robotech movie happen over the years, and even with Muschietti’s It success, there’s still no guarantee that he’ll be the one to do it. Now, though, the project has completed another step in its slow journey.

As reported by Deadline, Jason Fuchs has signed on to write the Robotech screenplay along with Muschietti, indicating that the studio—Sony—is at least a little bit serious about getting this in theaters someday. Fuchs was a co-writer on Wonder Woman, which is good, but his biggest credit before that was probably Pan, which is less good. He also did a voice in Red Dead Redemption, but that doesn’t have any bearing on his ability to write a good Robotech movie.


For those who never saw the show or are such anime purists that they will only acknowledge Macross, Robotech is about a giant alien ship that crashes into the Earth, with the humans deriving all sorts of cool technology from the weird stuff they find within—including jets that transform into robots.

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