Promising the rare instance of a video game movie that's worth looking forward to, Disney has unveiled its first look at Wreck-It Ralph, the charming tale of an 8-bit villain with a 16-bit heart and his quest to become his own final boss. John C. Reilly voices the title character, who tires of his repetitive existence as the star of a Donkey Kong/Rampage-like arcade actioner and—with the support of several of his fellow bad guys (but not bad guys)—goes off in search of better-rendered pastures. The film is sort of a who's who for fans of comedy, what with its voiceover work from Jack McBrayer, Sarah Silverman, and Jane Lynch, but even more so for longtime gamers, with even this brief preview offering up a rogues gallery of classic characters like Pac-Man's Clyde, Mario's King Koopa, and Street Fighter's Zangief. It is, essentially, Toy Story with video games; please insert your money now.