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You will soon learn to appreciate the Jabba The Hutt spin-off in development

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Disney wants a whole galaxy of Star Wars spin-offs, it seems—with the young Han Solo movie nearing the finish line with Ron Howard at the helm, news broke yesterday that Stephen Daldry is in line to direct a solo Obi-Wan film. That project is reportedly still in very early stages, but the studio presumably knows that Ewan McGregor would happily provide some more bearded handsomeness and wry counsel. This is in addition to the standalone Boba Fett movie that was announced back in 2015.

Now we’ve learned that the lineup will also make room for a spin-off about Tatooine-based crime lord Jabba The Hutt. Variety’s post on the Obi-Wan standalone pic had that tidbit nestled in with a reference to the Boba Fett movie, but all projects are reportedly in development. Now that he’s got a lot more free time on his hands—and assuming he can tear himself away from himself—Steve Bannon bears a striking resemblance, and could totally play Jabba. It’s not the “Nazis and Mel Gibson“ movie he’s been wanting to make, but at this point, he’ll probably take what he can get.