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Your favorite weed guy is back in the High Maintenance season 4 teaser

A little good news for your Tues.: HBO has finally revealed a release date—and the first teaser!—for the fourth season of High Maintenance, which returns in February. Old-timers around this neck of the woods will tell you there was a time before Baby Yoda, when there was a very different sort of fella spreading joy wherever he went. A man who mounted his bicycle and rode steadfast and true, delivering marijuana to the various citizens of New York. Wherever there was a need for weed, that’s where the wind would surely take ’im.


Sure, High Maintenance has almost nothing in common with The Mandalorian (Guy does wear a helmet and find himself embroiled in all sorts of mini-missions with eccentric characters...), but it’s arguably every bit as joyful an experience to watch as the Baby Yoda show. Each week, High Maintenance explores the extremely specific lives—mundane, hilarious, heartbreaking—of the people to whom Guy delivers his weedy wares. You may recall a time when Orange Is The New Black was described as a show that used a white woman as a Trojan Horse to deliver more diverse stories. That was sorta true for a few seasons, but it’d be a more accurate description of High Maintenance, which really takes advantage of its melting pot setting.

At any rate, it won’t be long now before Ben Sinclair’s Guy returns with a whole new host of little adventures in the big city.