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Morgan Spurlock had a lot of projects in the works when he abruptly self-immolated his career earlier this week, posting a long Twitter essay in which he called himself “part of the problem” of our current sexual harassment climate, and admitting to numerous incidents of infidelity. Now, all of those projects—including the upcoming Super Size Me 2—are swiftly dying on the vine, as Spurlock’s departure from his Warrior Poets production company has led Showtime, TNT, and YouTube Red to all make changes to proposed films or shows.

YouTube’s subscription service, Red, was supposed to be the distribution home of Super Size Me 2, which, as its subtitle—Holy Chicken—suggested, was meant to be an examination of the poultry industry. That deal has now fallen through, while the remaning Warrior Poets have announced that the film will no longer be showing at the upcoming Sundance Film Festival.


Meanwhile, Spurlock has been dropped as an executive producer from Showtime’s The Trade, a five-part docuseries about the opioid crisis, while TNT has stopped production on its unscripted series Who Rules The World, which was meant to focus on women’s issues.  

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