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YouTuber sets sail on kayak made out of duct tape

Zachary Fowler documents his journey from start to finish

A prouder vessel, we’ve never seen.
A prouder vessel, we’ve never seen.
Screenshot: Fowler’s Makery And Mischief

Duct tape, as all Canadians of a certain age know, is the most valuable construction tool humanity has yet discovered. YouTuber and Alone season 3 winner Zachary Fowler has decided to prove the truth of this by creating a video where he, abandoned on an island with nothing but a shovel, a utility knife, and two boxes of duct tape to help him, created a kayak from scratch.

After a long introduction complete with the requisite greater YouTube channel mythology tie-in and advertising (that you can skip by clicking on this link here) Fowler gets to work on the challenge. He collects and shapes a bunch of sticks using his shovel then begins to create the frame of a kayak—and of course, he wraps everything together with tape. By the end of the process, Fowler’s made himself a respectable, shiny-hulled vessel that sits on the rocky beach like a spray-painted beached whale.


Its appearance hardly matters, though. The real test comes when Fowler sets sail in his sticky creation, hopping into the kayak and, incredibly, floating on out into the ocean. “She sails like a dream!” he says, paddling along using a duct-taped stick that he says is “a little funky” but works. He notes that it wouldn’t be great to take out in rough waters and that he wished it had a back rest, but, well, it works.

The only “cheat” is that Fowler brought his own branches to the island in order to avoid messing with the island’s ecosystem. Otherwise, his duct tape creation is entirely authentic and it works well enough to get him back to shore intact. It’s no Red Green Show ductwork, duct tape recliner boat, but we suppose it’s good enough.

[via Boing Boing]

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