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'80s action throwback Kung Fury manages to score actual '80s action star Arnold Schwarzenegger

No offense to David Hasselhoff—who signed on to the project earlier this week—but David Sandberg’s big-budget follow-up to his cult classic short film Kung Fury has now scored a certified ’80s action star to go with all its ’80s action trappings: Arnold Schwarzenegger. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Terminator star (and former California governor) has agreed to poke fun at his own image in the upcoming Kung Fury remake, where he’ll play the president of the United States. (Shades of Demolition Man.)

Sandberg is still set to direct and star; he also recently recruited Hasselhoff and Michael Fassbender to appear in the film. The original Kung Fury was an underground hit, building buzz at Cannes during Director’s Fortnight, and amassing more than 40 million views online. The feature film version is set to film later this year.


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