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A filmmaker has raised over $11,000 to adapt a a piece of Sherlock slash-fiction

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

The BBC's Sherlock wrapped up its third season a couple of weeks ago and won't return until some unspecified date in the future. One fan is determined to fill that gap: Film producer Naomi Javor is currently hard at work adapting a piece of Sherlock fan-fiction into a web series, with actors and props and sets and everything. The fan-fic in question, "A Finger Slip," explores how the show would be different if Sherlock Holmes and John Watson had not, as in the television program, become flatmates who solve mysteries together, but rather met in their late teens, bonded over a long series of text messages, and fell begrudgingly in love. It's here, crooking its bony finger at you and asking you to read it, like a hooded figure beckoning from the other side of a haunted lake.

Javor, who is directing the series staffed with a cast and crew of volunteers, has set up a Kickstarter page that has already surpassed its $10,000 goal. Whether you want it or not, she hopes to release the first episode in October.