The death of Graham Chapman in 1989 meant that he would never again be able to participate in any Monty Python projects, a decision he made without even deigning to consult with the other members of the troupe. Fortunately, however, Chapman had the good sense to record himself reading his occasionally true memoir, A Liar’s Autobiography, allowing the rest of the Pythons to resurrect Chapman for one last film using animation and great advancements in playing-tape-recordings-of-dead-people technology. That film, A Liar’s Autobiography: The Untrue Story Of Monty Python’s Graham Chapman, is due to premiere on EPIX and in select theaters in 3-D on Friday, Nov. 2, reuniting the entire Python gang (in animated form, anyway) as they bring Chapman back to cartoon life to tell his strange tale, a journey that includes being a doctor, performing as one of the most influential comedy troupes of all time, and—as seen in this exclusive clip—really, really enjoying being gay and sitting on faces.