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Aer Lingus responds to Saturday Night Live sketch with its own Trump impression

(Photo: Getty Images/NBC/NBCU Photo Bank, Will Heath)

Getting zinged on Saturday Night Live sketch can be a fun honor, as long as you’re not a company that’s worried about its employees looking like huge creeps, and last night’s Saoirse Ronan-hosted episode featured a nod Irish airline Aer Lingus. Packed with Irish stereotypes, varyingly competent accents, a whole bunch of dogs, and a plea to avoid making the obvious joke about the sexual act that Aer Lingus rhymes with, the sketch was mostly good-natured fun that didn’t really go anywhere but ended quickly enough to avoid becoming too painful.

This morning, Aer Lingus posted a frustrated tweet about the sketch, and something about its complaint seems vaguely familiar:


It’s a nod to a tweet that Donald Trump posted a year ago today, criticizing Alec Baldwin for his work on SNL. In other words, even airline companies know how fun it is to dunk on that idiotic butt face these days.

[via Uproxx]

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