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Saturday Night Live quietly scrubs “creepy Safelite guy” sketch from existence

Screenshot: Saturday Night Live

Last month, Saturday Night Live aired a sketch in which Beck Bennett played a Safelite AutoGlass repair tech turned stalker. As the repairman, Bennett meets a teen played by Melissa Villaseñor, and he begins intentionally smashing the windshield of her mother’s minivan in order to keep “coincidentally” bumping into her. Safelite immediately took exception with the depiction.


Now, weeks later, the sketchy Safelite guy sketch is back in the news, but not because people are laughing at what a great bit it was (it wasn’t). SNL has quietly taken down the clip from online sources and replaced it in reruns with a parody sketch about “The Last Fry.” It’s possible SNL realized, amid the now hourly revelations about abusive creeps in Hollywood, that a sketch about an adult vandalizing a family’s car in order to chase after a teenager wouldn’t really play well anymore. But neither the show nor NBC has commented on the removal, though Safelite tells Decider, “When the SNL sketch featuring Safelite first aired, we expressed our disappointment with how it negatively portrayed our people. It was SNL’s decision to remove the content, and they have not shared their reasons behind that decision.”

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