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All movies should end with the Star Wars wipe

Photo: Lucasfilm Ltd.

Whatever your thoughts regarding how well the latest batch of Star Wars films stack up to their predecessors, one stylistic aspect has remained consistent: Every entry begins with that ominous opening text crawl and closes with the swell of John Williams’ signature score and a swift iris wipe.

So intrinsic to the franchise is that abrupt and stirring send-off that to stamp it on any piece of footage is to make one feel as if they’ve just witnessed something epic. The weight of spilling one’s Slurpee, for example, is felt that much more when it’s met with a storm of propulsive strings.


Tickled by this discovery, Buzzfeed’s Jesse McLaren gave the treatment to footage encompassing multiple realms of the pop culture sphere, including, erm, Star Wars. (Not even a well-timed iris wipe can wash away the sand of that unfortunate Attack Of The Clones monologue, though.)


Also, because it would be so very, very nice if someone could stamp THE END on this year in politics, here’s Jake Tapper sending us out in style.


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