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Amazon exec Roy Price resigns amidst harassment accusations

(Photo: Getty Images, Frederick M. Brown)

Less than a week ago, Amazon Studios president Roy Price was placed on a leave of absence after The Man In The High Castle producer Isa Dick Hackett—who happens to be the daughter of Philip K. Dick—accused him of having “repeatedly and insistently propositioned her” at a company party in 2015. Hackett turned him down, pointing out that she’s both married and gay, but that didn’t stop him from telling her things like “you will love my dick” and shouting “anal sex” in her ear. She reported him to Amazon after this, and she says she never saw him at any subsequent events for Man In The High Castle or her new show Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams. Amazon’s decision to put him on a leave of absence also included a note about the company “reviewing its current business relationship with The Weinstein Company,” which is also facing a couple of sexual harassment scandals.

Now, Variety is reporting that Price is resigning from Amazon Studios, a development that puts a cap on some unrest at the company that predates Hackett going public with her allegations. Apparently, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos had recently insisted that the company move away from Price’s “niche, naturalistic dramas” in favor of more crowd-pleasing genre projects, with Variety suggesting that people believed Price might be out of a job before all of this came out.


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