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American Vandal’s 2nd season pickup prompts new questions—like who are these dicks?

Of the many clever flourishes within Netflix’s mockumentary sleeper American Vandal, the decision to not identify the eponymous graffiti artist—i.e. who drew the dicks—sticks out. With its central mystery still unsolved, American Vandal is now set to return for a second season sometime in 2018. Netflix announced the renewal today, along with returning co-creators Dan Perrault and Tony Yacenda and showrunner Dan Lagana.

Absent from the teaser video above: Any of the Hanover High students profiled in season one, their now-familiar yearbook photos replaced with those of sweater-clad private-school kids. Peter’s back, though, his Sarah Koenig-inspired voiceover: “You can be born into the perfect family, the perfect school, the perfect life. But can you be born… above the law?” Follow-up questions: What school is this? What happened to the lovably complicated flawed students of Hanover? And did any of these preppy-looking dicks draw the dicks? You’ll have to wait until next year to find out, which means you have plenty of time to devote to Reddit threads about how there’s something you just don’t trust about this Ben Callahan fellow. (No one who cocks his eyebrow like that in a portrait can be up to any good.)

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