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Annie Murphy makes killer plans in exclusive new Kevin Can F**k Himself trailer

Eric Petersen and Annie Murphy in Kevin Can F**k Himself
Eric Petersen and Annie Murphy in Kevin Can F**k Himself
Screenshot: AMC

Schitt’s Creek breakout star and Emmy winner Annie Murphy is stepping out of the comedy’s heartwarming setting straight into the world of dark humor. She leads AMC’s upcoming Kevin Can F**k Himself, from the point-of-view of a classic sitcom wife, the kind who has notoriously been taken for granted.


Murphy plays Allison McRoberts, who is married to man-child Kevin McRoberts (Eric Petersen), who proclaims “I’m the gift that keeps on giving, baby,” at the start of a new trailer that The A.V. Club is exclusively premiering below. Allison is fed up of her life, her ingrate husband, and daydreams that she’s stabbing him in the neck, which is when the trailer takes a visibly deadly turn.

Created by Valerie Armstrong and produced by Rashida Jones and Will McCormack, Kevin Can F**k Himself will oscillate between its sitcom-style jokes and more darker tones as Allison grapples with the toxic masculinity she deals with on a daily basis and decides to take control of her narrative, a plan that clearly involves her friend Patty (Mary Hollis Inboden), reconnecting with an ex, Sam (Richard Lee), and possibly killing Kevin. No big deal.

Kevin Can F**k Himself is a nice little nod to Kevin Can Wait, the CBS sitcom that ran from 2016 to 2018 and starred Kevin James. It came under fire when, after its first season, series’ star Erinn Hayes was abruptly fired and replaced by James’ The King Of Queens co-star Leah Remini. Hayes played the sitcom wife, who was clearly considered as disposable after just one season for a possible ratings ploy.

The AMC comedy will also star Kevin Chapman, Meghan Leathers, Alex Bonifer, Justin Grace, and Candice Coke.

The eight-episode first season will premiere on AMC+ Sunday, June 13 with two episodes, both of which will then air back-to-back on AMC on Sunday, June 20 beginning at 9 p.m. ET. The remaining episodes will continue to debut on AMC+ one week prior to their cable airings on AMC.

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