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The only thing celebrities enjoy more than attending awards shows is complaining about how they always have to attend awards shows. Every Academy Awards or Emmys ceremony in recent years has been peppered with tongue-in-cheek jokes about how it’s going to run long, everyone is hungry, and generally nobody wants to be there. But, usually, people don’t openly complain about how much it sucks to go to these events while they’re in the process of winning a prestigious award. Unless, of course, you’re Aziz Ansari.

“I was in London and I had to fly to L.A. from London to accept a fucking British award,” said Ansari while accepting the Charlie Chaplin Britannia Award For Excellence In Comedy last Friday, an award which he all but begged to accept from the comfort of his own couch. But it wasn’t just the long, seemingly unnecessary flight that bummed the comedian out. It was also the fact that the formulaic slog of attending awards shows is starting to wear on him. “You wear the tux, some person comes to your house, puts some gunk in your hair and your face, you get in an SUV, you come here and eat this fucking awful award show food,” continued Ansari, clearly playing to the room of fellow actors and directors who are all undoubtedly thinking the exact same thing.


After complaining about the quality of clips used in his tribute reel (“You imagine people who haven’t seen your shit being like, ‘Really? This guy?’”), Ansari half-heartedly assured the audience that, “All that stuff is just jokes. This is really a nice thing,” referring to his newly won comedy award that no one could argue he hadn’t just earned. Here’s hoping Ansari brings home more statuettes in the near future so the unmitigated roasting of these events can continue.

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