Barack Obama tells David Letterman the secret to dancing while being a dad

David Letterman’s long-awaited Netflix show finally has a name, a premiere date, a format, and a guest roster. The monthly show will each feature an hour-long conversation, interspersed with field segments in which the newly unretired comedian further explores the topics brought up with the guest. The goal, he said in the preview released last week, is to “learn something,” which is why the worldly slate of guests include Malala Yousafzai, JAY-Z, Tina Fey, George Clooney, and, in the its inaugural episode, former President Barack Obama, making his first talk-show appearance since handing the nuclear football over to a khaki-wearing Breitbart intern named Todd.

A new, short clip of the series highlights one such thing Letterman has learned from 44. No, not how to overhaul healthcare while facing intractable partisanship, and no, not how to gracefully transfer power to an incompetent know-nothing who fell ass-first into the most powerful job on earth. It’s something much more difficult than that. Obama is here to talk about dancing while being a dad.

Yes, the solution is as simple—and as difficult—as staying in the damn pocket. Do not step outside of the lines, metaphorically or literally. Hopefully, the entire hour of Letterman’s new My Next Guest Needs No Introduction is devoted to the difficult—and timely—topic, covering such matters as when to move one’s arms above the shoulder and what to do if the song contains undue amounts of swearing. We’ll find out when the first episode comes out tomorrow.

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