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CBS has canceled The Millers

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According to Deadline, CBS has canceled The Millers. The series, which had just started its second season a few weeks ago, starred Will Arnett as a TV news reporter who had to deal with his parents’ sudden decision to get a divorce and move in with their now-adult children. Margo Martindale and Beau Bridges played the parents, and season two introduced sitcom staple Sean Hayes as Martindale’s new best friend. Also, farting played a pretty big part.


Deadline says the show had been pulling in fine ratings during its first season, but that’s almost certainly because it aired after The Big Bang Theory. For season two, CBS moved it to Mondays so it could be a lead-in for Scorpion—which also happens to be a show about nerds. Unfortunately, The Millers’ ratings dipped to the point where it started “dragging down” Scorpion, so CBS has pulled the plug. One episode of The Millers has yet to be filmed, but Deadline doesn’t know what CBS is going to do with the rest of the un-aired episodes. Either way, The Millers now joins the prestigious list of Will Arnett’s failed post-Arrested Development sitcoms, where it can now commiserate with Up All Night and Running Wilde. Who knows, maybe Netflix will pick it up? (It won’t.)