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Chris Tucker says he's on board for Rush Hour 4

(Photo: Getty Images for I.am.angel Foundation, Jerod Harris)

The TV adaptation of Rush Hour didn’t survive past a single season, but it may have piqued the public’s interest for a proper revival with original stars Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker. Various people in Hollywood have been teasing a fourth Rush Hour movie for years, with producer Arthur Sarkissian suggesting in 2012 that the movie would be “more down-to-earth” and “gritty” like the first movie and not its increasingly wacky sequels. Rush Hour 4 actually seems to be moving forward now, though, with Tucker telling ESPN podcast The Plug recently that they’re “working on it now.”


Tucker doesn’t say much else, as he gets cut off a bit by the enthusiasm of the Rush Hour-loving hosts, but he does tease that it will be “the Rush of all Rushes.” That’s probably a good thing, but it does imply something bigger and zanier than the “down-to-earth” comments from six years ago. Also, it’s too early to definitely say if original Rush Hour director Brett Ratner will be involved in this at all, but it seems reasonably safe to assume that Warner Bros. will continue to stay as far away from him as possible.

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