David Lynch addresses Vladimir Putin in his latest weather report

The director aimed some choice words about "death and destruction" towards the Russian leader

David Lynch addresses Vladimir Putin in his latest weather report
David Lynch Photo: Ernesto S. Ruscio

In today’s weather report from esteemed director David Lynch, the auteur took a moment to share some words about Vladimir Putin and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Lynch uses some choice phrases including “death and destruction” and “What you sow, you shall reap.”

As his daily weather report suggests, Lynch starts off the video very excited about Friday before describing the pleasant conditions in Los Angeles today. He then shares that he was thinking about the Ukrainians and the 1994 Portishead song “Roads” before he forgets what the high of the day was.

After moving on from the weather completely, Lynch goes on to address Putin.

“Mr. Putin, we are as human beings charged as to how we treat our fellow man,” Lynch says. “And there is a law of nature, a hard and fast law [for which] there are no loopholes and no escaping it, and this law is what you sow you shall reap. And right now Mr. Putin, you are sowing death and destruction. It’s all on you. The Ukrainians didn’t attack your country. You went in and attacked their country. All this death and destruction is going to come back and visit you, and in this big picture, this show, that we are involved in, there is an infinite amount of time, so there’s plenty of time—life after life after life—for you to reap what you are sowing.”

“My advice to you is save yourself, save the Ukrainians, save this world,” Lynch continues. “Start getting along with your neighbors. Start building friendships. We are a world family. There is no room for this kind of absurdity anymore. Get with it. Stop this attack. Let’s work together so all the countries of this world can come up in peace and get along with each other. Let’s solve the problems we’ve got together. Let’s get real! Everyone.”

In other news from David Lynch’s YouTube channel, the number of the day is 2. Do with that what you will.

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