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DC is going to win back DCEU fans if it has to throw each one into a Batmobile by hand

Photo: Alex McLevy

DC has taken the opportunity at this year’s SXSW to open a pop-up shop bound and determined to remind you that their superheroes are fucking cool. After several films that were received, shall we say, less than enthusiastically in recent years, DC and Warner Bros. have hit the festival hard in an effort to restate the more potent iconography of their cinematic universe. Batman and Superman receive top billing, of course, with models of the recent Batmobile, Batcycle, and the massive Superman statue from Metropolis all on display, complete with chances to jump inside and get your picture taken. (Though, if you try to climb the Superman statue, you’ll probably be arrested, just like in the movie.)

Photo: Alex McLevy
Photo: Alex McLevy

There’s also a very silly chance to recreate the promo image from the upcoming Krypton TV series, which I may or may not have taken advantage of. Regardless, the company knows it has some goodwill to earn back, and is literally pulling out some of its biggest guns to make it happen.

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